17 May

They Can Steal Your Ideas But Not Your Hustle

Lessons From My Real World

Every morning or even throughout the day I am sure you have had ideas pop into your head that you feel would be a game changer! You know the type, the one that will make you popular and flush with cash. That Bentley isn’t a dream anymore type of idea.

You start to think about the idea more and more until one day you see your idea in the real world. Someone beat you too it!

Someone else actually put in the work to launch the idea you had, fucking thieves I tell yah, no damn shame!!!

But did they rob you of your idea or did your rob yourself?

Many are afraid to share their ideas even though most ideas aren’t new. They are afraid someone else will take their idea and make a billion dollars off of it. I am sure it has happened a few times but more than likely much less than you think.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to sharing your idea but one thing for sure, an idea is worthless unless you bring it alive!

Execution Over Ideas

When a great idea pops up, most of us will just store it in our heads. We want the idea to exist but chances are we are not ready to put in the work needed to make it a reality. So instead we just keep it inside and think about it.

We keep it inside or only tell our closest friends about it and this is exactly why someone else will make it happen before you do. Chances are someone else is already working on the idea and you just didn’t know it.

No idea is new but the way you execute on the idea can be the big differentiator. Execution trumps ideas any day of the week because that’s where the real difficult tasks begin and show up.

Execution takes guts to fail but also takes up time which is our biggest asset. Execution is what separates successful people and idea squatters.

People are human so they will act as such. They will fear the impossible and more than anything will fear the possibility of going broke. They can’t quit their 9-5 job like you did to take a leap of faith. They will work 2 hours a week after work on the idea while you can give it 24/7 attention.

You tell me who’s going to win then? You have a big lead over them if you realize the real difference in time commitment and life style change. Entrepreneurship is hard; it’s even harder to get someone to change everything about them to chase an idea that hasn’t been vetted.

Everyone told us they would create a better Phat Startup company, and I have yet to see one come close to what we had accomplished. We were all in while others dreamed about it.

Execution trumps ideas any day of the week!

Ideas Die In Secret And With Friends

When you don’t speak about your ideas to the world because of the fear of it being stolen you just did yourself a huge DISSERVICE!

The same can be said when you only speak to your friends and family about it!

But why??

For starters, family members and close friends will always tell you that it’s a good idea. They can’t hurt your feelings or seem like the reason for your lack of hustle. Next time you present an idea to them and they say it’s great, ask them for money for your startup. Bet you they won’t give you a dime! They are not your consumers or motivators!

Don’t ask the crew ask strangers or people in your network that you know will not bull shit you. The point of sharing your ideas is to get valuable feedback from your potential customer not a pat on your shoulder. You don’t need a “you can do it!” You need an “I will pay x amount for this,” or a “this sucks man, change this, that and a third” response.

The only way to get real valuable feedback is to speak to strangers or potential customers, not by day dreaming about your idea with friends.

Accountability also takes a huge hit when you don’t talk or present your idea to the world. It is very easy to tell yourself that the idea is great and that you can start working on it tomorrow.

Don’t Play Yourself!

Let the world know you are doing something huge so you can stay accountable. Let pride take over, tell them and then show them that you mean business. People will constantly ask you about the project and where you are headed. If that doesn’t motivate you to stay on top of your game then you might be hustling backwards.

Every time I speak to my mentor he has no problem asking me how things are going with a project. I worked hard to prove myself to him and my network so I can’t just lie my way through it. I’m accountable for what I want to put out to the world and the execution of it. I want them to also help me take it to the next level, can’t do that by lying to people or holding information in my head.

By telling the world about your idea you open yourself up to being helped by others. Sometimes people have worked on a similar idea and want to help out or sometimes they just believe and will offer their services.

Finding people with skills and the same values as you is hard; it gets harder when you work in secrecy! People will find you if you execute on something, that just made your job as an entrepreneur a little easier.

If They Copy Me, They Will Beat Me!

I used to fear this way more than someone stealing my idea. When someone copies your work they can really seem like they are keeping up or even beating you to success. It feels like all the hard work you did was for nothing, especially when the person that copies you gets more accolades for his/her work!

Don’t let that stop you and here is why!

While They Copy, You Continue To Set The Standard!

Let that sink in and repeat it over and over! You have to remember that they just copied one page out of your book, but you are the book!

You are drawing from your own life experiences, it’s not easy to copy that and stay ahead of the competition. Anyone that spends their day copying the tactics of others will never have the time to be creative. They won’t be able to separate themselves from the rest.

Sooner or later copying catches up to people. People will lose respect for those always copying and will lend their services to them even less.

I actually like it when someone copies what I am doing because it validates my hustle. It reinforces that I might be the best to execute on the idea. I don’t waste my time calling those people out, I spend time figuring out how to continue to out execute them. I think about how I can force even more people copy me.

When it’s your idea and your execution, there are no rules when it comes to being innovative. You hold all the power to try and maybe even fail at something new. You will always have the lead over someone using your hustle as a blueprint. Keep serving them, chances are you will win while they continue to study how to win just like YOU!

By speaking about your ideas to anyone that will listen, you start building a strategy behind it, which could have taken months if you stored it in your head. You start validating all the assumption you had in your head by actually working and speaking with others about your work. You do run the risk of having someone come through and jack your hustle but who cares. If you believe in yourself and your hustle, the copy cats and idea squatters will continue to lose to you. Chances are people are too busy executing on their lives and businesses to out execute you anyway.

Worst case scenario if someone steals your idea, you just validated that the market needs your service. Out execute and out innovate the rest, that’s the real key to success.


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  1. Jamelle Sanders

    May 18, 2016 at 11:35 am

    This is awesome! Not taking action has been the death of many innovations. This is a great reminder to start executing on ideas.

    • james

      May 18, 2016 at 3:14 pm

      Thanks man! Execution trumps everything else all the time!


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