13 May

Built On Wax: #Bars4Motivation Vol VII

#Bars4Motivation, Built On Wax

For me not only did Hip Hop tell a story similar to my own, but it also helped motivate me to chase my dreams. Hearing someone like Biggie say it “It Was All A Dream” and then accomplishing those dreams inspired me to chase the things I only dreamed about.

For #Bars4Motivation I will explore lyrics that keep me inspired and hopefully will do the same for you!

This week’s motivation comes from the key word “GRIND!”

Many of us grind it out at corporate gigs, school or even in entrepreneurship for many different reasons.

Just like everyone else; I get consumed by the grind and forget to appreciate the journey at times. I forget why I am doing it in the 1st place.

But I am quickly learning that the grind is just that, the GRIND, and life goes on while you’re doing it.

I stated to create with little to no money and barely any experience. I knew and respected that when you put in work or grind, great things happen. But it won’t happen over night and it won’t be easy.

This weeks #Bars4Motivation is dedicated to all of those grinding, not really knowing what the future holds for them. Keep hustling, the grind will eventually REWARD YOU!

The Motivation:

All My Life I Hustled Just To Get That Moolah
And Stack My Change Up And Go See The Jeweler
Moolah- Young Greatness

Growing up as young kid in the Bronx, I learned quickly the value of the dollar and the luxuries it could afford me.

I would see the corner boys hustling all day and night and then go out and buy a nice chain and car. That was my motivation as a child, to get a huge chain.

A chain that would represent making it…
A chain that would represent coolness….
A chain that would serve as cosign to the older, more established ballers!!!!


Every time I had enough money to buy a decent chain I would tell myself to continue stacking. The chain would be a cool accessory but seeing my bank account grow was even BETTER!

Instead I stacked for experiences, and a few investments I always wanted to do. All my life I hustled to get paid but with a little mind control I was able to better my life with the money instead of spending it on looking cool.

Can’t lie though the thought of having money to buy a chain kept me motivated, even till this day. Maybe one day I’ll get one for me, not for the cosigns. It doesn’t matter what you want to buy while grinding, what matters is that you continue to grind! Until then stacking paper will do.

Focus On Who Matters:

Got A Family To Feed, Got A Family To Feed
They Depending On Me, They Depending On Me
Wat U Mean- Dae Dae

My family, your family, this is the biggest business that you can’t risk failing on.

My family kept me motivated more than a chain could ever do. I saw them go through it as we lived in poverty and eventually left the food stamp world.

Graduating high school was for them, getting multiple college degrees was for them, getting a corporate gig was also for them.

My family gave me everything and I want to repay that. I depended on them to make it out of the “hood” and I want to make sure they get to see things they never thought were possible.

I want to feed them more than food, I want to feed them freedom and experiences.

All we have in this world is our family, that last slice of pizza in the box is going their way even if I’m the hungry one.Now with my own kids, I know how much they are depending on me and like YOU, I can’t fail them.

I’m going to feed them until I can’t do it anymore or until they are too fat to continue to eat up everything I swing their way.

The Residuals Dividends

I’ve Been On My Mother F**king Grind
For A Very, Very, Long Long Time
Yeah, So I Deserve To Ball Like Kobe
For A Very, Very, Long Long Time
Long Time- Ty Dolla $ign

Mama we made it! When I graduated college, which wasn’t a normal thing where I was raised, we partied like we never partied before.

My best friend E told me for your graduation month we are going to hit up a club every day for 30 days.

We didn’t make it to 30 days in row, but did party 3-4 times a week. As crazy as it sounds, it was something I needed at the time and didn’t even know it. If it were up to me I would have celebrated one night and then worked towards getting my graduate degree.

I had just worked 4 hard years at school. While many doubted me, I had to grind to get my degree,and the respect of my peers in the Computer Science Department.

That’s a big deal where I come from and I would have never appreciated it unless we celebrated. I put in lots of sleepless nights of coding and writing 30 page papers for one single sheet of paper that told the world I was worthy.

That grind was serious, so it was only right to enjoy the moment and seriously celebrate.

So take the time to enjoy your efforts because if you die tomorrow, all you will know is the pain and agony associated with the grind.

Not the fruit of your labor that you deserve more than the next person. Live it up, grind, then celebrate cause you been doing it right for a very very long time!



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