06 May

Built On Wax: #Bars4Motivation Vol VI

#Bars4Motivation, Built On Wax

For me not only did Hip Hop tell a story similar to my own, but it also helped motivate me to chase my dreams. Hearing someone like Biggie say it “It Was All A Dream” and then accomplishing those dreams inspired me to chase the things I only dreamed about.

For #Bars4Motivation I will explore lyrics that keep me inspired and hopefully will do the same for you!

This weeks motivation came via end less nights of hustling. After taking some time off to regroup and appreciate my family, it was time to start working on something new. I wanted to work on a project based around family activities since I am a big advocate of living that #presenceoverpresents life. This week I put my lean startup skills to use and started doing hardcore customer development. Not the most fun or easy but it’s always better to test your assumption with the actual market you are trying to serve.

No need to waste time on creating things people don’t want! These tracks kept me motivated and sometimes even distracted me as I’m sure my neighbors can attest to ha ha!

The Motivation:

Papa Told Me, Keep It Real, So I’m Gonna Keep It Real
Line Up The Flex- A$AP FERG

Till this day, my dad is one of the realest people I have ever been around. He bites his tongue for no one and has always been of advocate of standing up for yourself while still showing RESPECT to others.

Authenticity is seriously undervalued in our society. You see everyone plastering their highlight reels on social media instead of keeping it 100 as a testament to this.

Those that embrace authenticity in their lives and business seem to be the people that win the most. Look at Gary Vaynerchuk or even Taxstone. They live their truths and are cool with others not feeling them. But their fans that support realness will always support them and their products. They will continue to push them to their friends who appreciate realness, which in turn keeps them in business! Remember likes won’t pay you, customers will.

Authenticity puts money in your pockets. The business world is changing and those that add value to the world while keeping it real will win the most. Not just with money but also with love and respect. Keep it real in your real world because that’s really gangster.

Dealing With Drama:

Fuck The Drama, Get This Money, That’s My New Shit
God Level- Manolo Rose

When we 1st started The Phat Startup, I was that person that let drama or the hate get to me. The trolling got to me early on because I wasn’t focused on my own business. I wasn’t MINDING MY BUSINESS and that gave the trolls an advantage.

Sometimes I was keeping it too real with people that didn’t deserve my time. Like the time I argued with a hater from within our industry for an hour. He was a hater but was also a fan that wanted to join the movement. He just didn’t know how to express that to me and we got into a “come see” me type of argument.

That day threw me off as all I wanted to do was fight the dude instead of focusing on my BUSINESS! But that was short lived (only a day), we went on to secure our first major sponsor that week and honestly it wouldn’t have happened without me getting upset.

I used the drama to fuel my hustle in the most positive way and secured the bag aka money. Like Manolo Rose said, forget the drama, and get that paper! That should be your new and old shit period, secure the bag!

The Residuals AKA Dividends:

I Was Broke
I Was Just At Home
Now I’m On The Road
Talking To Usher At The Grove
Grab The Wheel- LIL UZI VERT

How would you like to sit down or party with someone you look up to?

I was blessed to do it multiple times with tech bosses all over the country, but before doing so I had to put in that WORK!

There are days when you put in work but it seems like you are going nowhere fast. Unless you are hustling on things that don’t matter, you can’t let those down days or struggles bring you down.

There were days that I would question myself, my team, and my life. Those days were a wash! When you are in the trenches you don’t notice how hard you are working or where that hard work is taking you. I didn’t fully grasp how much of impact we were having until this interview with Ben Horowitz.

As I sat there interviewing him in front of a packed house, all I kept thinking was “shit I am really doing this right now!” Here I was, a broke start up entrepreneur sitting with one of tech’s most widely sought investors; Ben Horowitz!

It wasn’t 2 minutes either, it was over 2 hours and he flew in from Cali just to represent at our event. That’s love but that love only came because we worked fucking hard! All those restless nights at home were paying off. They would pay off even more when we started a technology conference tour for minorities that took us from NYC to DC, then to the mecca of tech, Silicon Valley.

If you want to sit down with people you admire, put in work and work to become greater than them. You might not become bigger or better than them but it doesn’t mean you can’t be great! The journey could be a long and hard one, but the payoff can be beyond your wildest dreams!

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