22 Apr

Built On Wax: #Bars4Motivation Vol IV

#Bars4Motivation, Built On Wax

For me not only did Hip Hop tell a story similar to my own, but it also helped motivate me to chase my dreams. Hearing someone like Biggie say it “It Was All A Dream” and then accomplishing those dreams inspired me to chase the things I only dreamed about.

For #Bars4Motivation I will explore lyrics that keep me inspired and hopefully will do the same for you!

This week’s motivation came as I sat down at The Bronx Veteran’s Hospital. While my dad was getting his procedure done, I went to eat breakfast at their cafeteria.

While eating I saw an older veteran playing outside with bubbles, the simplest of things with no kids in sight. Just chilling outside enjoying life, the weather and eventually others started to show up. I thought they were going to mock him but instead they participated and shared laughter.

He was happy and was winning by eventually forming a tribe that very morning. Some were missing limbs from battles, some were moving along while attached to machines, but happiness brought these vets together to form a new crew of friends. Their leader for the day was waving a bubble wand instead of a machine gun.

They were REALLY living no matter the circumstance enjoying the simplest of things; laughter and reminiscing.

They made me appreciate life and so did these lines below. Enjoy and remember to live it up! Life is too short to be negative.

The Motivation:

We Got To Be The Winners Cause The Rest Is Losing
Ball Drop- Fabolous

I was born and raised in the ghetto, where expectations and hopes were low. To make ends meet in the hood anything and everything is possible. At a young age, I was surrounded by drug users, dealers, scammers and all the negative stereotypes we have about people in the hood.

But most of all I was surrounded by “hood” people that weren’t going to let the hood dictate whether they would win or lose in life. They taught me the difference and used the surroundings to reinforce it when most use it a crutch. I was born in the hood, raised by the hood, but it wasn’t going to define me.

My dad once told me, “I want you to always fight for what you want, and never let anything stop you! You are a winner.” That message was heard loud and clear as I saw many of my friends succumb to the “hood” and eventually lose in life. It was my time to win, the right way because way too many around my way were losing due to their surroundings.

Always remember that your surroundings should never be used as a crutch but as inspiration to win more.

Finding Mentors:

Study Rich Ni**as’ Moves Like My Homework
Fountain Of Youth- Stalley Ft. Nipsey Hussle

I have had one solid mentor my whole life; I look at him every day in the mirror. I say this because no matter who you have in your corner, the execution needed can only come from YOU. However; I do have a few people I can call when I am in need. People I can depend on, people that force me to ask the difficult questions.

Sometimes you don’t need to blatantly call someone a mentor or even know them in the real world. More than likely the person you feel could be a great mentor, has too much going on for them to help everyone on a 1 to 1 basis. With the internet and books, a mentor is one click or one page away.

I study the people doing the things I want to do and emulate what I can. People like Gary Vaynerchuk and James Altucher. They drop so many gems online or via social media that a full-blown conversation isn’t always needed.

Between those two I get entrepreneurship, tactics, and mind set. All I have to do is listen to thier podcasts or read the great content they put out for free. Next is executing on what I learn.

Grab a book or study the greats online; don’t wait for them to bestow their mentor-ship on you as it might never happen. Need someone to talk to? Call your momma!

The Residuals:

I’m A John Gotti, Got My Own Army
Worth Fifty Million And It’s All On Me
All Birds- Rick Ross

I want to make millions; better yet I want to make billions!!!! I won’t lie about that to anyone, but I also know to do that I need to focus on my business and lead a great team.

It’s almost impossible to do it on your own but when you have a team, or an army of go-getters working with you; anything is possible. Is my army as big as facebook’s? Nah but they will ride or die for our collective beliefs.

Being able to lead and build a team only happens when they believe in you, the leader! When you take action and lead an army of zero to small victories others will want to get down with the movement. They will want to join your team/army and take on the world.

The money is a by-product of your army’s work! Work hard by yourself and the team will start to develop. Once that team is in place the real residuals can start rolling in, especially if everyone is hustling for the same goals.

Become a boss, lead a team, make a change…Bang bang!

Always remember when in doubt blast some Hip Hop! What tracks motivate you? Hit me up on twitter and let me know. My playlist below needs the love!

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