15 Apr

Built On Wax: #Bars4Motivation Vol III

#Bars4Motivation, Built On Wax

For me not only did Hip Hop tell a story similar to my own, but it also helped motivate me to chase my dreams. Hearing someone like Biggie say it “It Was All A Dream” and then accomplishing those dreams inspired me to chase the things I only dreamed about.

For #Bars4Motivation I will explore lyrics that keep me inspired and hopefully will do the same for you!

Another week just flew by! Can you believe we are in April already? Hope you got some of those “2016 is my year” goals out the way! Last week was rough with me overcoming the flu, but this week started with a bang. I was fully motivated to kill it, and the remnants of my flu weren’t going to stop me.

Sometimes we have bad days, sometimes we have bad weeks, but it all comes down to making up for them with the good days. This week I caught myself really inspired by melodic Hip Hop. It kept me in the gym, kept me writing everyday but more than anything, it MOTIVATED me to be the best me.

Here’s a few of the tracks in my playlist that kept my movement moving!

The Motivation:

Hustlers Don’t Stop, They Keep Going,
You can Lose Your Life But It’s Gonna Keep Going,
Why Not Risk Life When It’s Going To Keep Going?
Digits- Young Thug

In entrepreneurship we have way more bad days than good! Ask any true hustler and they might even tell you that for every good day, they had weeks of headaches. Sometimes it’s so much pain that we don’t even have time to enjoy the wins.

So with all the bad days expected why do we even do it?

I do it because I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to see how far I can take it; I want to leave a LEGACY!

I know my life might end tomorrow, so why not live it? Why not leave a legacy for my children to be proud of. Why not cause change in this world instead of complaining about it?

There’s only one life to live, no matter what I have to keep going and challenge myself. Risk it all to enjoy it all. Shit the world will still go around if I’m gone, might as well add value to it. You should do the same!

The Respect:

Ran Off The Plug Twice, He’s Steady Calling, I Ain’t Calling Back!
Ritz Carlton- Plies

Whoa whoa whoa! Plies is out here encouraging people to get shot?

Where I come from, running off your plug will get you hurt! In business it can happen also, just not as dramatic.

We fight hard to connect to those at a higher level than us. The person who has the JUICE, the plug! The plug can be a mentor, adviser, investor or just someone that is really good at what they do. Someone YOU need!

However; when we finally connect with that person, many of us fuck it all up by never following up. Or sometimes even worse, not doing what we told them we can do.

Imagine you have a huge meeting with the plug, but never show up. Never called them to reschedule or even tell them some lame excuse to why you didn’t make it. You blatantly just disrespected the plug; you think he’s really calling you back?

When you disrespect the plug by not handling business, you are disrespecting them and their time. In business once you disrespect someone’s time, their respect level for you just dropped to zero.

When you don’t respect time, you don’t respect money. Good luck getting that call back!

The Residuals:

My Ni**as Making Money Just To Spend It,
Cause When You Die You Can Not Take It With You!
RGF Island- Fetty Wap

Every day I sit at home and think of my efforts. I think of where they can take me and all the good times I have had due to my efforts.

I think back to the days I would go to the store for my mother with food stamps. I reminisce seeing the local drug dealer in his fly whip; spending money like it wasn’t a problem. That grand allure of money spending without a care of where it came from keeps me in check but also motivated.

Once I started making a little extra cash, I spent it. But I didn’t spend it on all the things I wanted as a kid or made it rain. Instead I reinvested my cash. I reinvested in the stock market, in real estate and best of all I spent the money on investing on myself.

I would love to do like Fetty Wap and just buy everything in sight but I know that’s a sure way to be broke again. Now I make money to spend it on things that matter, my family, my health and my lively hood.

But I won’t lie, I still have my vices. I buy way too many sneakers that I won’t wear, and barely ever say no to my kids. You don’t have to spend the money that you make, but always keep in mind why you want to make it and where you were before you got it.

There’s nothing wrong with day dreaming about splurging your cash, just make sure you actually go get it in the real world!


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