08 Apr

Built On Wax: #Bars4Motivation Vol II

#Bars4Motivation, Built On Wax, Lessons From My Real World

For me not only did Hip Hop tell a story similar to my own, but it also helped motivate me to chase my dreams. Hearing someone like Biggie say it “It Was All A Dream” and then accomplishing those dreams inspired me to chase the things I only dreamed about.

For #Bars4Motivation I will explore lyrics that keep me inspired and hopefully will do the same for you!

This week was rough; it was a week that started off great. Workout habits in place, hustling on a new project was running smoothly but then I got hit with the FLU!

It took me out of commission for 2 days and I started to feel guilty even though my body needed the rest. On the 3rd day I rose out of my bed and said “f**k this shit, I can’t do this anymore.” I needed to get some work done, so I went to my trusty source of inspiration, spotify; listened to a few tracks and the rest was history.

The Hustle Doesn’t Stop, Unless You Stop! Here’s this weeks 3 bars that got my mind right!

The Motivation:

If You’re Scared To Take A Chance, How The F**k We Gonna Get Rich?

Fire Squad- J Cole

This is a line I hold onto tight and replays in my head every time I am about to attempt something that scares me. You see fear can be a big motivator, especially once you come to terms with the fact that FEAR represents ATTEMPT.

If you don’t attempt to be great, how can you be great?

At 31 years old I quit my job to chase entrepreneurship and it wasn’t easy. I was afraid of all the bad things people said would happen. They told me I would be homeless, I would lose my family and ultimately I would fail big time.

Everything they said could happen never manifested. It didn’t happen because I didn’t let it happen. It didn’t happen because I didn’t let the fear of it happening consume my daily life. I’m the richest I have ever been by facing my fears head on and it has nothing to do with my net worth.

The Only Fear You Should Have, Is The Fear Of Not Trying!

The Obstacles:

How Can I Paint This Picture When The Color Blind Is Hanging With You?
B***h Don’t Kill My Vibes – Kendrick Lamar

The hook alone on this track should tell you everything you need to know!
That negative energy you encounter with the haters, or simply with people who don’t get what you are doing, can suck the energy out of you.

They say you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most and I believe it. I would hang out with people that weren’t good for my vibes and constantly complained about life. They were color blind to the things I was chasing but always had something to say.

They were always there to question my moves, moves they would never attempt but I would listen to them, HUGE mistake. That negative feeling jumped onto me and would bring me down. They would suck all the energy out of me with their negativity and even had me questioning myself.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of negativity, find those that see the positive in any and every situation. Those are the people you need to share your ideas with, your trials and tribulations, but also your POSITIVE vibes.

You can’t hustle if your mind isn’t right, drop the negativity aka the color blind.


They Just Spent Like Two Or Three Weeks Out The Country,
Them Boys Up To Something, They Just Not Just Bluffing
Jumpman- Drake

In the beginning of starting a business or entrepreneurship we spend time faking it till we make it. Hopefully once that opportunity comes around, you won’t be faking it anymore, but will be adding real value to the world.

When you add real value to the world you start becoming the plug. Many of us spend an enormous amount of time searching for the plug instead of putting in work to become the plug.

With ThePhatStartup, I made a constant effort to become the plug, it made our work harder but paid off huge. We chased the speakers, sponsors and locations for our events. We didn’t look for the plug because we knew we could spread our message easier ourselves.

I remember jumping on the phone with a famous entrepreneur. I thought I was going to have to work hard to sell him on speaking at our event, I was wrong. That entrepreneur knew who we were, what we stood for and knew we weren’t playing games. It was easy for him to trust us with his brand because we showed up every time and proved that we didn’t talk about it, we made it happen. That made our lives a little easier and now we could focus on our product more.

Don’t Chase The Plug, Work Hard At Becoming The Plug Leave The Bluffing For The Lames.


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