24 May

Creating Memories While Building A Bird House At Home Depot

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I am always looking for activities to do with my kids that will educate them but will also entertain ME! Why should they have all the fun, all the TIME?

But finding one that is “dad friendly” isn’t always the easiest.

That’s where Home Depot comes into play.

The only power tools I like are computers and tablets. So visiting Home Depot for fun wasn’t something you would catch me doing until I found their Kid Workshops. I can’t stress enough how much I love their workshops. They offer a new one every month with different themes.

Oh yeah, they are FREE!!!

Recently they offered an Angry Bird, Build A Bird House Workshop. My sons love Angry Bird and the movie was about to be released, so it was perfect timing.

Off we went and here are a few lessons reinforced along the way.

Your Kids Will Surprise You

Remember when your parents would look at you and say “I can’t believe you did that?”

If you were like me, chances were your parents were saying this because you did something you shouldn’t have done. Sorry MOM! But there are times when they would say it out of pure disbelief because you accomplished something they didn’t expect!

That happens to me at every Home Depot workshop we attend. I forget how smart and daring kids are at times. My 9 year old is a pro at events like this, he has no fear and always wants to try something. My 3 year old is getting there.

My biggest concern at an event like this is that one of them will hammer their own nails off while putting the pieces together. Or will they beat each other down with hammers? What can go wrong with a hammer, nails, wood and two crazy boys?

PSA: No Dads Were Injured

PSA: No Dads Were Injured

Sometimes as a parent we go overboard with these thoughts. We watch our kids every move, not only killing their moral but limiting their growth. We worry about all the bad things that can happen, and forget all the good things that WILL happen.

Let them experiment, let them get bruised, maybe even let them bleed a little, but most of all give them the opportunity to SURPRISE you. Those moments are priceless, let them happen.

Other Parents Are Just As Lost As You Are

As we sat there waiting to start I wasn’t sure what to expect this time around  and noticed that there were many parents who seemed lost just like me. Once we started some looked at us while we hammered our way through the project as if we were professionals.

But the truth is I had no idea what I was doing. I just followed the instructions and had fun with my kids while doing so.

I’m not a handy person, and I don’t dream about tools but Home Depot makes it easy. Besides banging a few nails, it’s straight forward. Some parents would probably do it without looking at the instructions, I AM NOT THAT DAD!

Maybe some of the parents were nervous or maybe timid, who knows? People watched every now and then, and we even messed up a few times but we had fun doing it. It’s about the journey, not about those watching you as you take the journey anyway. If you’re feeling lost, remember you have a child that expects you to make it happen. Look at someone that looks like they know what they are doing and don’t let your kids see you sweat lol!

Take The Opportunity To Teach Something

We watched as other kids built their bird houses and noticed that some houses were falling apart. They had all the correct pieces in place but the nails weren’t holding the pieces together.

No matter how perfect the pieces were, without the nails they were worthless. 

My son noticed this and started to focus more on how he hammered the nails. He realized that he needed to take his time and make sure the pieces were secured correctly. I am team “Tough Love” so I’m sure he didn’t want me laughing at him.

To make that lesson relate-able I switched it to sports. Just like in sports, you need that player that becomes the glue of the team. The person that makes sure all the all stars can behave like all stars. The minute that player falters, you run the risk of losing the whole team, the same thing could be said for our bird house secured by nails.

The nail wasn’t the sexiest piece of hardware but it was the most important and we showed it the respect it deserved. There’s always teachable moments at events like this, teach them!

In Summary, the workshops at Home Depot are great. They are easy, take less than 2 hours to complete and are fun for both the kids and dads.

You can play the part of a super hero without having to buy stuff from the store. Just show up and enjoy some quality time together.

Know of some more dad friendly activities? Let me know, I am always looking for more dad friendly activities to do with my kids. Tweet Me Or Hit The Contact Form!


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  1. Jamelle Sanders

    May 25, 2016 at 10:04 am

    I love this! Like you said, we have to take the time to teach something and in the process you create such great memories.


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