29 Mar

Bucket List: Bringing Fatherhood Courtside With March Madness

#FatherhoodIsLit, Dad Life, Presence Over Presents

Usually when someone mentions a bucket list we all start to think of things we want to do but might never ever get the chance to do so!

We pick things that are possible, but for some reason we never prioritize them. Most people even wait until they are retired and are barely moving to start checking off these items.

But sometimes serendipity leads to us fulfilling a bucket list item without us even planning for it. That exact thing happened to me this week!

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22 Mar

Your Kid Took An L Now What?

#FatherhoodIsLit, Dad Life

Chances are you took many losses while becoming the man that you are today, but watching your kids catch an L isn’t always the easiest!

A couple of weeks ago my oldest son took not 1 but 2 back to back L’s in basketball like his name was Meek Mill!

#FatherhoodIsLit Taking An L

2nd Place

These were 2 huge championship games in 2 pretty competitive basketball leagues and I won’t lie, those losses hurt us both even if we got 2nd place in both leagues.

Even though I was the coach and was super upset I couldn’t show that to the kids. See us dads get all caught up in our feelings forgetting that our kids are lost in their feelings. They need someone strong by them and they need to be able to vent or cry as needed!

So your kid took an L, what are you going to do about it now?????

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15 Mar

Surviving A Book Fair As A Dad And Volunteer

#FatherhoodIsLit, Dad Life

As a huge fan of books and reading, a good book fair get me hyped! I always looked forward to all the new books, talks and especially the giveaways!

Before having kids all my free time was devoted to reading books, heck I even started my career in technology at the top book publishing company Random House due to my love of books.

So when I was asked to volunteer for my sons’ book fair, there was no way I was saying no to it. I was going to be lugging around my 6 month old with me but since I never did it before I was excited about it! So I agreed to work the event for two hours with my sidekick alongside.

Besides setting my own time limit of being there I learned a few other things along the way that I hope can help you as a volunteer and/or parent!

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